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Specialised Acne Treatment

You Can Start Having the Clear and Acne-Free Skin You Have Always Wanted.


Our Specialised Acne Treatment clears and prevents pimples by targeting overactive skin glands (what we call ‘rogue sebaceous glands’) that produce excess oil. Results-driven and suitable for sensitive skin, this professional therapy is one of the most effective ways to break the acne cycle.

Exclusive to Amore, our Specialised Acne Treatment uses a heat-based procedure with an ultra-fine needle to destroy the rogue sebaceous glands that cause oily skin, leading to pimples, blackheads and inflamed acne cysts.

This breakthrough treatment delivers results without impacting on surrounding healthy skin.

Our Specialised Acne Treatment is the centrepiece of our comprehensive range of acne-reduction procedures that treat mild acne as well as more severe cases. Want to find out more? We’re so passionate about fixing your skin that your first treatment is 100% free.




Moderate to severe cystic acne

Neutralising rogue glands

Clearing congestion, blackheads and whiteheads

Breaking the acne cycle

Preventing future breakouts

All skin types 1 - 6


Spot Treatment of 1 - 3 Spots only $50

Single $129

Discounts and promotions available in store for multiple treatments and

SkinFIT programs

The Lowdown

Who is it suitable for?

Our Specialised Acne Treatment is suitable for all skin types 1- 6 and is an effective way to prevent acne permanently, without causing acne scars. The treatment is not suited to anyone currently using Roaccutane.

How many treatments are best?

For superior results, multiple treatments will be required and best combined with our specific Peels for acne and LED Light Treatments. Your skin therapist will assess your skin to determine how many treatments you need and help you with an at-home skincare routine to accelerate your results. For best value, our Skin Programmes in-clinic treatments with at-home skincare.

How much does it cost?

Specialised Acne Treatments start from $50 for a spot treatment or $129 for a full treatment, with great value packages available.

What can I expect after?

Immediately after treatment, the skin will appear flushed and there will be warmth in the treated area, however this will settle within 4-6 hours.

In the 12-24 hours after treatment, you may experience an increase in breakouts in the areas treated. Don’t worry - this is a natural part of your body’s clearing and renewal process.

Does it hurt?

The treatment comes with some warmth to the treatment site, which can be uncomfortable for some people if their acne is already inflamed and sensitive.

How long between treatments?

Our recommended treatment frequency is every 2-4 weeks for mild breakouts and every 2 weeks for moderate to severe cystic acne.



What causes acne?

An age-old question, but in short this embarrassing and uncomfortable skin condition is caused by what we describe as ‘rogue sebaceous glands’ – in other words over-active glands which produce excess oil – combined with dead skin cells. The combination creates congested plugs in the skin, leading to pimples, skin plugs, whiteheads, pustules and blackheads – which start the acne cycle.


Which areas on the body can be treated?

Our Specialised Acne Treatments can treat acne on the face, neck, shoulders, chest and even the back.


How can I maximise results?

The best way to see results quickly is by regular clinic treatments. One of our most popular acne treatment packages is our Specialised Acne Treatment + Skin Peel + LED Light Treatment. This combination of in-clinic acne treatments an at-home active skincare is the best way to eliminate rogue sebaceous glands, kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammatory acne and heal acne-prone skin.


How many treatments will I need?

At Amore beauty and laser we provide a 100% free skin consultation, after which we can begin to develop a customised treatment and skincare program so you can achieve clean, oil-free and blemish-free skin with no more breakouts.

Your skin therapist will assess your skin and recommend the best treatments to achieve your goals. They will also determine how many treatments you re
quire and help you with a at-home care routine to maintain your results between treatments. Results are generally seen very quickly with our acne and breakout programmes.

Recommended our
 acne products normally include a sunscreen, active skin cleansers and moisturisers to counter dry skin, as well as specialised acne products with active ingredients to help clear spots and regulate oil production. 


How do acne treatments work?

Our acne treatments eliminate acne without using drugs such as corticosteroids, the oral contraceptive pill, or oral antibiotics.

Our Signature Acne Treatment uses heat to destroy the overactive sebaceous glands and break the acne cycle.

Further options for the treatment of acne include:
1. Our
Chemical Peels containing active ingredients, which clear congested skin and help dissolve excess oil.
2. LED Light Therapy Treatments help to heal acne-prone skin and eliminate acne-causing bacteria while also reducing inflammation and redness that often accompany acne and breakouts.

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