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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Our experienced clinical therapists use Medical grade Candela GentleLase technology to effectively reduce unwanted hair for most skin types.

The laser machine emits a light that is absorbed by the melanin (colour) in your hair follicle. The light generates heat that travels down to the follicle under the skin, inhibiting the hairs ability to grow. This inactive hair follicle falls out, leaving your skin silky smooth. For maximum results we recommend a course of 9 - 12 treatments. 

We tailor treatments to you! When you book in a complimentary consultation our therapists will assess your unwanted hair, skin type and create a treatment plan based on your priorities. .

Fast and effective results for you! Amore' Beauty and Laser has a team of highly qualified therapists, trained in the latest hair removal technology. Our commitment to achieving the best results for you means you are assured of the competitive prices and convenient appointment times.

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Laser Hair Removal Prices

Upper Body and Face


1/2 Arm

Full Arm



Chest & Stomach

1/4 Back

1/2 Back

Back & Shoulders


Hands & Fingers












Sides of Face

Full Face



Lip & Chin










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